My story of hard sex, after which, from all my holes for a long time flowed sprema

After completing an intensive interstate work related trip from Sydney, my mother had asked me as a favor to reconcile with her estranged wife, Joanna. Age, and Facebook had brought them back together again. It was my last evening in Melbourne and I hadn’t called J yet. I had never got along with her because she had used dodgy loan sharks.

“Kendall, are you sure?” asked Sue as she packed her bags. “You don’t want to go back alone.”

“Thank you, but I need to get this done; at least for my mother.” Surer with words than with my thoughts.

My co-worker Susan flew into town yesterday; I spent most of today avoiding my family obligations and this was easy enough; by using the last few days of our rental car deal. I went shopping at Chapel Street hard; well there are some amazing fashion stores here; plus, lots of accessories to die for; and vintage treasures; all packed together in one place.

When you read “the book” which is you; you simply try it; find right and buy it; cost; no worry. It was so good; i wore it immediately. Red floral with a side knot yes; accentuating everything about my tall hour glass shape: boobs nicely separate; cleavage hint; an amazing tie across my waist and hip; and the flounc fabric flowing over and between me legs. Of course, i needed footwear and darn it, i nailed a stunning new red shoe; the heel a little higher than my usual but it was divine. No choice but wear them too straight out the store; i had to look and feels right; all over.

I had a coffee, a sandwich and a cookie; again, trying to avoid thinking about Joanne. I knew shopping would only make me feel worse about not fixing things between us. Sometimes retail therapies do work. So, in the final analysis, I bought a bouquet of flowers, set the car navigation system for the inner city docklands apartments and arrived there in plenty of spare minutes to call an early goodbye and get out of town before rush hour started. My job was finished.

Although there were no parking spaces, pay or fifteen minutes’ free; anywhere. As he reached a frazzle point, he remembered the old woman, who didn’t drive, had a parking space attached to her high rise apartment. He entered the underground garage, used the access code his mum had given him, he thought, well that’s something I won’t require, I wasn’t sure when departing Perth if I could swallow it in and see the bull. After heading down a few ramps, into the bowel of the building, searching for J’s assigned parking slot; he found it alright.

There was a bloody car in the space next to mine. I was desperate. Since it was the last available parking space in the row and wallside, I illegally double parked my small VW Polo and decided whoever was coming to visit Joanna or had parked in her space for an extended period of time would be there longer than I.

I stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor. As the door closed, I noticed two really handsome men getting off. One had a slick blonde hairdo and the other had longer dark hair. I got off on the top floor and headed down the hallway towards Joanna’s apartment. I thought maybe she would be home so I could try flirting with her again.

They say never go unannounced. Of course the viragoes weren’t there. Maybe they were out gambling or playing cards. Well, I left the carnations on her doorstep; she might guess it came from me. I didn’t have anything on me with which to write a meaningful note; the sorry I miss you, see you later. That could be years, and I thought I’d try contacting her via social media. Down, the elevator, I went, intending to fly back home. Thinking too; if I took the earlier plane with Sue, we wouldn’t have to wait around for hours.

Oh shit. Oh fuck. Oh crap. Oh, bugger and hell no; flooded through my mind in a jumble, tangle sequence; as I saw the car. I saw it through the stairwell door. They were the two guys from downstairs both leaning back on the polo’s bonet, hands folded, bloodied unimpressed. Pitty because they were hunky dudettes. I did though for an instant clutch the car key in my hands. Evolutionary battle or flee response. But hey I am a confident modern women and my feminine wiles took over.

Well, there was no choice but to try the seductive tone and the provocative look. After all, I was soon transformed into an adoring sex kitten. I was ready for my new outfit and high heel shoes. Wow, I really needed these two items underneath my control. I had my best sexy stroll, the perfect female struts, my absolute best man melting moves. My head up,my eye’s smoldering into theirs, my shoulders back and wow was I leading with my very best attributes, my curvy breasts. My arm had the confident swing, my body was totally hot in my light summer frock and was I leading with my own personal best, my curvy boobies. My clicking stilettos were definitely outlining my confidence. I had the symmetric alignment of my wide full-on sexual blue orbs, staring directly at the pair; my mouth having purposely slightly moistened my lips, my shoulder’s swinging, my body was so damn sexy in my light summer frocks and was I leading with the perfect, my curvy breast swaying, my hand’s holding firmly onto my own personal best, the curve of my waistline. My skirt was clinging over my thighs and soft firm tummy; the material, with a touch of my fingers;definitely outlining my womanly V,as I approached them.

Oh, they could tell right away that it was me who had parked illegally in front of their car. And I was trying hard to get them off my back. I wanted to make myself look good. I also felt sexy under their gaze. They were staring at me.

My strategy worked well enough for me to get their attention. However, when I approached them, I went too far and put myself at risk.

“Please don’t be mad at me,” I began in a husky, flirty voice.

The natural blonde guy didn’t allow me to add anything else, “Oh lady, it’s okay, because we’re going to pull over and park right next to you.”

DP honey, I think you need to give us that much at least. Maybe even an entire airtight moment.

Well, I guess they meant “airtight” as in “completely safe” rather than “vulnerable”.

Well, I could take a dick up my ass fine; I enjoy it and anal sex is pleasurable for both parties. However, DP (or as we used to call it, “to get double parked”) isn’t something I’d recommend doing right now. If you’re going to be driving a red polo through an underground parking lot, I don’t think you want to be too busy thinking about where you’re going to park.

I had gotten too close; the two men were talking so closely to me. I was trapped inside their car just like their Mercedes. I mean, all I needed to do was tell them no. But there was that dirty little slut inside me who had gone ahead and done it anyway. I knew I couldn’t overthink this. If I did, I would not go through with it.

Letting loose the keys to the car, I let them clank against the pavement.

My hands were so far away from my head that they ended up finding two breasts, one to my face, then to my left, and finally to my right. From there, my body gave in and let go without even giving me a chance to say yes or no.

After that, it was all roller coaster quick. I mean one horny stud groping your breasts is usually enough for a woman. God did I get lucky. Yes, I was double fondling cock that I had loosening out of pants, but hey this pair offered a brand new meaning to fast and frantic. My skirt was off, down from the shoulder, my small pink panties were around my knees, my big boobs covered over my bra and oh boy, my nipples were receiving an incredible suck, while my cunt and ass were being both finger fucked. These two were tag team fucking me and both were really eager for the main act. I was very wet, spread super-quickly, where it would matter. Man, oh man were these duo packing huge hard dicks.

I was a girlish flesh sausage so amazingly rapidly. My slit and ass hole actually gang-fucked by their fingers. After that it was insane. Far beyond what I understood. I nearly held my breathe permanently as a penis slipped inside my cunt and another one was almost at the same instant rimmed; after that being fucked into my butt.

“Oh fuck, oh my god! Orrrrgggghh!” And then I was grunting and pant­ing within the rhythm of them having me totally, one dick in deep in front of my face, the other dick shallow behind my back, but both so close together and both balls deep inside me.

I was yelling and flailing around between them. My breasts were being squeezed. I was an ecstatic banshee of delight. I grabbed the body of the blond in the face of me, making him thrust harder, as the dick behind teased my asshole opening, so shallow, then I arched and shoved my ass back to join the dick penetrating into me.

Then it was all to good. I had no jurisdiction. I was trash whore who’d been fucked; basically, rag doled. One cock slipping into me while the other yanked my ass back. My ass then hammered while my pussy was succinctedly teased. Two cocks inside me at once, so delightfully dirty close.

Triple Pleasures Escalate; I was the central focal point though. All I could feel was ME, BEYOND THE LIMITS, PARAEXCELLENCE. I was a convert TO THE DEED; I’d be back for MORE OF THIS, I KNEW IT ALREADY BEFORE MY ORGASM.

My pleasure orgasm was so intense that I had no idea where I was going until I got there.

When I regained consciousness, I saw that my ass and pussy were oozing with cum. Both men ejaculated inside me.

The dark-haired man took the keys from the blond man and drove away while the blond man got into his Mercedes. I was left practically naked to pick up my clothes.

They gave me a combined long, dirty, wet, and stinky kiss when I was still dressing and then their black dog was just an exhaust fumes irritation as it disappeared up to the next floor.

But my mind and my emotions were telling me that I needed to go back there. And so I did.

As I drove happily but a bit sore to the air­port: Oh, I’d “double park” again, I knew it all along.

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