My sex story 69. How I licked her

He knew that Gina was a single lady, that’ s why he was surprised at her being so shy when it came to sex; she didn’t seem any less shy than usual. Even when she took off her clothes, she asked him to turn the light out.

When his girlfriend suggested doing the sixty-nine position for the first time, he was, to put it mildly, surprised.

He asked her if she knew what it entailed.

“Yes, you put your penis into my vagina and fuck me.”

He couldn’t believe his ears, it wasn’t the same woman who’d been fucking him every week and every other weekend. She was always so tense and jumpy and sometimes seemed relieved to finish it off. It wasn’t that he didn’t wanna do it with her, she was the type of girl that would fuck anything that walked. He had a string o’ married ladies spanning the tri-state area but Gina was different, her got an innocent quality about her and he just wanted to be sure she understood what she was getting herself into.

He told her, “I’m going to cum in your mouth.”

She shrugged, “It doesn’t really matter, I’ll probably cum in mine.”

After thinking for a minute, she agreed to turn on the light.

Wow! When she took off her top, he couldn’t help staring at her breasts. They were so soft and pink, with nipples that looked just like two perfect ripe raspberries.

Her muff, which he had licked, sucked and nibbled whenever the chance arose, looked so much more appealing in the light. The public hairs were neatly cut, and he knew it would not be long before he’d be teasing them with his tongue, as they slipped up and down his shaft.

Stu wasn’t sure what he’d done to get all these treats, but didn’t want to question it. He got out of his shirt, kicked off his sneakers, and slid out of his pants.

What he hadn‘t given any thought to were the facts that she hadn‘t seen his body before, and it was worth seeing. He had a muscular build and his cock stood up like as if it was the duty horse. She actually gasped when he saw it. Even though they’d had it halfway down her mouth on more than one occasions it was bigger and reder than she’d expected.

She’d been thinking about it for so long, but now that they were actually doing it, she couldn’t believe how big it was.

With the light on and their clothes off they had an air of anticipation in their room. They were about ready to 69.

She smiled seductively at him, lying down on the couch first and running her fingers lightly along her crack. He sat next to her, sagging his body into hers.

She parted her thighs so he could get closer to her pussy. As he moved his head towards her vagina, she grabbed his cock and started sucking him off. Before he knew it, he was going to cum.

Of course, the entire objective of the position is to attempt and cum together and so she opened her moist hole with his fingers and inserted her tongue as far as it could go. She allowed him to do this for a few seconds before she began to thrust up and down his cock, carrying on probing his nutsack as she did so. In order to add excitement she applied force with her lips and then relaxed them again. He tried his very hardest to focus on lapping and tonguing her pussy but at times it was hard.

He didn’t know how much longer he would last, but he wanted to give it his best shot. His hips were bucking wildly, trying to get every drop out of her. Her body was shaking uncontrollably, and he could tell she was close to coming again. With one final thrust he exploded inside her, filling her with his seed. She let out an ear piercing shriek as she came down from another giant climax.

When she felt him approach, she opened her eyes and looked down at him. His face was so close to hers that she could feel his warm breath against her skin. Her heart raced as she stared into his dark brown eyes. They were filled with lust and desire. She knew what he wanted. She reached out and grabbed his cock through his pants. She stroked it slowly, feeling the hard length of it pressing against her palm. She slid her hand up and down the shaft, enjoying the sensation of his smooth skin rubbing against her fingers. She moved her hand back down and began to stroke him faster. She watched as he moaned softly, his eyes closing as he enjoyed the sensations running through his body. She continued to play with him until he came, shooting his load across her stomach. She smiled as she wiped off the cum with her finger and tasted it.

He was so horny that he couldn’t wait any longer and had to fuck her right there in the hospital room. She held on to the bed sheets as he drove his cock inside her pussy.

He felt himself growing hard as he thought about her tight pussy, which had been so good for him before. He wanted to fuck her again, but he knew she would be sore from their last encounter.

He wasn’t quite as patient as she was, he just couldn’t wait any longer and so he started calling out, “Oh yeah!”

“Fuck me! Go on, fuck me! I wanna be fucked.”

He was driving fast, and her breasts were swinging wildly from one end of the car to the other. Her nipples were hard and erect, and he could feel her cunt pulsing around him. He knew she needed another orgasm, so he slammed his cock deep inside her, and began pounding her harder and faster. His balls slapped against her ass cheeks, and he felt her juices squirting out of her cunt. He pulled out just before he came, and sprayed his load across her stomach.

She told him that before the night was out she would be doing a reverse cowgirl, having it rammed up her asshole and then they would do it in his bathtub. They were both pretty tired by now so he didn’t really care too much about the details. What he cared about was why she’d suddenly become a nympho. Eventually, he asked if there was any particular reason for her sudden change of heart.

She told me, “I want to do something really special just for you.” You know like they do for someone who has been sentenced to death?

“I don’t quite follow.”

“My husband Bernardo has been released from prison today, apparently he knows about us.

“What did he say to make you think that?” He tried to keep his composure.

“I just overheard him talking to his godfather for advice.’

“I don’t know who my godfather is.”

“You’d be part of the Cosa Nosta if you were Italian.”