My gay seduction. Sex story how I got fucked

We were watching the football match together when he asked if I wanted to go back to his place for some sex. It wasn’t really a big deal, so we went there.

A few drinks and the game was over.

“Do you feel like watching a dirty movie?”.

“OK, sure. “

I was pretty comfortable, but I had only seen one porn movie before, at a stag party where there were lots of other people around. The conversation then was about bravado and bluster; this would be different.

It was even more surprising than I thought when the movie turned out not to be all-female after all.

“Do you mind?”

It’s not what I usually look at.

“Have you ever watched gay porn?”

“No, never.”

“But, do you mind?”

“I guess not”

As we were watching TV together, he started talking about sex.

“Did you ever do anything with someone else?”

“Nope…. no… nothing.”

“Don’t believe you”

“A friend of my bro’ jacked me off once.”

“how old were you?”


“and him?

“I dunno… 25?”

“Did you like it?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I enjoy when girls do it.”

“did you do him too?”

“Yes, a little. Mostly, he touched me.”

“did you both cum?”

“Yes, he was jerking my dick off from behind. Rubing his cock against my butt. When I cummed he shot all over my butt.”

“Did you like it?”

“It was fun for me to come and when he came it felt good.”

“You felt his body rubbing against yours.”


“That’s it? Nothing else?”


“I bet you’re thinking about it.”

Yeah, sometimes, but I prefer girls.

“So you don’t want to ever do it again?”

“Not really”

“why not?”

“I’m not gay”

“It’s OK, it doesn’t mean you’re gay; it means you’re getting off.”

“I suppose”

His hand moved up my thigh, touching my inner thigh.

“If you’ll let me…”


“Yeah, while we’re watching the movie.”

“Um, I don’t know…”

“I won’t be offended if you don’t help me out.”

“OK, I guess.”

He reached over to help me unbutton my jeans.

He took off his pants and put them around my ankles. They were around my feet.

“No hair down there.”

“The girl I’m dating doesn’t like it when I put her down.”

“I do too! I’m glad you’re not wearing any underwear!”

After doing what he asked, I sat down on his couch. Watche dTV.

“Relax. It’s not going to hurt.”

I felt his hands on my legs. Up, down, closer to my penis, but not touching. My cock hardened with his teasing.

He looked at me and started touching himself through his pants.

“Take your shirt off.”

One day, I was sitting naked watching a film where two guys were having sex with a young man.

His hands moved slowly up and down my body, teasing me. I was so turned on I could barely stand it. He stopped just above my groin and started rubbing his fingers along the line of my erection. I groaned softly. “Oh god,” I said. “

“I like when you touch me.”

“I didn’t want to say anything.”

“Don’t worry; relax. Have fun!”

“I didn’t say anything,” he replied. “Just let me stroke your legs.”

“I know you’re lying. Admit it!”

Still no word… instead, I moved onto the seat cushion and spread my legs wide open. Inviting him to caress me more intimately.

He gently caressed my soft, smooth testicles.

“I want to caress you everywhere.”

I had no idea what he meant until I saw her face. She looked so beautiful. Her eyes were wide open and she stared right into me. I could see her pupils dilate as she watched me. My heart started


“Come with me”

He stood up and motioned me to follow him. I followed him out of the room, down the hall, and into another bedroom where he closed the door behind us. We were both standing in our underwear. His hard cock was pointed right at me. My mouth was dry. I could feel myself getting wetter.

“Don’t worry, come on.”

He led me into his bedroom.

He laid a large blanket on the bed.

“Just lay down on my bed and rest.”

I complied.

“I’m going too.”


Watched him as she stripped. Saw the tent between her legs. Watched her backside as she removed her panties. Saw his erection as she stood up…

“I’ll give your back a nice massage.”

“Just a massage though”

“Let’s just give it a shot.”

“Just a massage.”

“A happy ending would be nice.”

“I don’t understand what that means.”

“Maybe I’ll show you.”

He stood by the bed with a bottle of lotion.

Nakedly bent over and drizzled oil onto my naked body.

Rubbed oil into my skin and massaged it in. Strong hands working my body.

Teasing my nipples.

On to my legs, massage from ankles to the top of my thighs.

He was an attractive man, tall and slim, with dark hair and eyes. I could see why she had fallen for him. He looked so sexy standing there, his hand stroking himself through his trousers. She must have felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter as he continued to stroke himself. “I’m gonna cum,” he said quietly. “You’re gonna love it.”


“Do you like when I touch you?”


“Would you like to touch me?”


He laid down on top of me.

He slid his hand between us and rubbed his fingers across my chest. My nipples were so sensitive they felt like they would burst into flames.

Leaning down.


“Do you like it?”


My hands reached up to hold him to me as he moved above me, holding me close.

Humping against me.

Cock on cock.

Pecs against pecs.

Slick. Belly on belly? Sliding.

Cock against cock. I’m being rubbed. My cock is humped.

“Spread your legs.”

He slid his hands under my shirt and cupped my breasts.

Her pussy was so wet from her orgasm.

Humping her pussy against me. Her fingers wrapped around my shoulder. Holding us tightly together.

He whispered again.

“Turn over.”

He sensed my reluctance.

“Don’t Wanna Be Lonely”

I turned over.

He straddled me. Sprayed more lubricant on my body. As he leaned forward, massaging my skin, I felt his hard cock pressing against my ass.

Rubbing his hands from my shoulders to my buttocks.

He was calming me down by touching me.

His cock felt so good inside my ass. It was exciting.

He lowered himself until he was completely flat on top of me. His whole body pressed down on mine.

His hard penis was pushing into my ass. He was using the inside of my cheek to give himself pleasure.

His body and cock were stimulating my pussy and anus at the same time.

“I’m going give you a back rub.”

“mmm OK”

He was sitting on top of me, his hands were on my thighs, he was massaging my ass. My body was shaking, I couldn’t stop him.

Felt his thumb slide between my cheeks as he rubbed me. Up and down my ass. Tickling my asshole as his thumb slipped past.

Up and down. Tickle, tease.

It made me want him to touch me there.

My ass was sore from lifting weights. So I decided to lift my ass again. But this time, I timed it so that when his finger would pass over my asshole, my ass would be sore.

Giving him a message.

He stopped when I wanted him to stop.

I pressed myself against his opening. He was tight, but willing. I wanted to make him push himself inside me.

He moved on. Teasing.

“You like that?”

“It feel nice.”

“Against your little asshole?”


“Do you want me to touch your penis here?”

He didn’t know whether to be ashamed or not.

“I need to know.”

“You know the answer.”

“You have to say”

“I want you to touch me there.”


“On my ass.”


“I want to feel your finger going inside me.”


“Yes. But gently.”

“I know you’re going to enjoy it.”

His fingertips slid across my cheek, sending shivers through me. He was so gentle. So sensual.

Pressed against me.

My butt was raised off the bed.

Pushing his finger into my butt.

It was huge. A little too much for me. But he didn’t mind. He liked it. He put his hands under my butt cheeks and squeezed them together. Then he started rubbing my asshole.

“Like this?”


“Do you want more?”

“Yes. Yes.”

He pushed his index and middle fingers deep inside me. His ring and pinky fingers wrapped around my butt cheeks.

“Still like it?”


“I’m going…to…giv…you…pleasure.”

I started moving my fingers in and out of her pussy. She was lying beside me naked. Her hands were at my ass. Her fingers inside me. Gently rubbing in and out. Fingering my ass. Her lips at my ear.


“You liked this. You didn’t know before.”

My eyes were downcast. Trying to hide my embarrassment.

“Yes, I don’t mean no. Yes, I like it.”

“would you like to try more?”

“I tried.” I was hoping for more, but I didn’t want to admit it.

Instead I told him to go slowly.

He slowly pulled out his finger. It left me feeling a desperate need for him to put it right back.

When he penetrated me again, it made my asshole stretch even further.

So big. Stretching.

“Relax. You’re safe. Don’t worry about it. Just relax. Have fun. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

He pushed into me. Two fingers. Deeper than before. Almost to my third knuckle.

Whispering into my ear…

“You love it! You enjoy having something up there!”

Turning to face him…

“Yes. It feels so good.”

He kept moving his fingers in and out, and I kept moving mine back.

His eyes were locked on mine. Another finger entered me.

As he fingered my asshole, staring at him intently as he did so.


“is there more?”

“You’re right. I’d like more.”

He was right; I did want it.

He had his hard cock pressed up against my thigh. I moved my hand, grabbed hold of his penis, and pulled him towards me.

“You want my cock.”

“I’m not gay.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.”


“Tell me”

“I want your cock.”


His fingers slipped out from between my legs. Leaving me feeling empty, teased the hole. Tickle.

“I’m gonna get fucked in my asshole. I wanna feel your dick inside my butt hole.”

He climbed back ontop of me. Resting his penis against the crack of my butt once more. Humping his body against mine.

I squirmed under him

Raising my ass, I tried to grab hold of his dick, desperate to get him inside me.

“Fuck me. You’re so beautiful. I can’t believe how much I love you. I’m gonna fuck you right now. I wanna feel your pussy against mine. I wanna taste your sweet juices.

He moved and grabbed the shaft of his penis and pointed it towards my anus. Resting it against my entrance.

He pushed himself inside me. It felt so good!

“Like that?.”

“Yes yes, put it in me. Fuck my ass.”

Trying to get him off by moving my ass back and forth.

He pressed his body against mine

Much deeper than his fingers.

Leaning down. Breathing on her neck. Strong hands curling up around her shoulders, pulling her towards him.

He was pushing harder and grunting louder.

“Yes. Yes fuck me.”

Squeezing my butt cheeks together as he thrust into me harder and deeper than ever before.

“Lovely cock in my ass. Fuck me!”

He moved back and retreated. Then down into me once more. Over and over, penetrating my anus.

He was bouncing up and down on the bed, meeting my pounding penis.

Frenzied with sensations. Feeling full. Fulfilled.

“More! More!”


He ran faster. Breathing hard.

A hot breeze blowing across my neck.

Pounding, pounding, against my ass.

Slipping, sliding, in and out.

As he continued pounding into me, I raised myself up to meet him. His powerful thrusts were hammering into me.

Then I felt myself reach an intense climax.

“I’m going too come. Your cock in my mouth… make me come.”

Tensing. Tighten my ass around his cock.

Shooting my load into the towel below me.

“Oh god. So intense.”

Coming from his cock inside me

“Yes, sweetie. Come when I fuck you.”

No hands.

Big cum. I sopped up the towels.

He then shoved his penis inside my anus even harder and faster than before.

“Now it’s my turn.”

“Yes. In my ass. Cum in me.”

“I tried to help him.”

Banging into me, pow, pow, pow, powing his body against my ass, ramming his dick into me. Faster and faste r.

Grunting. Grunting.


Feeling her tense. Feeling her cock grind so deep into me. Feelings the twitching as she shot.

Open ass. Cock in deep. Cumming in my ass.

He sighed, “so sweet… sexy boy. You’re so hot when you get fucked.”

“I didn’t know.”

“Now you know.”

One last shove.

“Yes! His body jerked again. He squashed my buttocks. I was crushed.”

As he continued to fuck me harder, his cock popped out and then rolled onto his stomach.

My asshole was dripping with cum.

My bare ass.

This was the beginning, I thought. I wanted men to see my naked body again. Soon.