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On a hot summer day, I visited my cousin. When I arrived at her house, she answered the front gate. She said, “Hello, Cousin.” Then she went inside and closed the sliding glass doors.

My friend, Johnny, shouted, “Who the hell is here?”

Me brother, hey man, it’s me, Jose.

He was standing there naked, his strong, dark brown, muscled body dripping wet, and sent trickling drops down his torso, along his long, uncut cock.

I was in disbelief that he had exposed his amazing body as he stood stark nude. I felt a twing in my stomach, a sensation of arousal. His big cock took my eyes away with its sheer size, and I gasped with jealousy, “Wow! You’ve really gotten yourself something nice!” I gulpped and said with admiration, “I’d love to see your huge cock too.”

He laughed at me, shaking his big dick, which was dripping with water, and splashed me with wetness.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t remember to grab a towel. Can you go get one for me in the hall closet, please?”

I took a quick glance around the room, trying to find something to cover myself with. My eyes fell upon a nearby table, so I picked it up and placed it under my butt. Then I sat down on the floor, spread my legs, and waited for him to come back. When he did, he was carrying a large glass of water. He walked over to me, put the glass down, and knelt between my legs. He looked into my eyes, smiled, and said “I’m sorry.”

He said, “Oh man, because it was so big, it got between us huh?”

“I nodded, embarrassed, and handed him the towel.”

“I noticed his penis was getting bigger, and thicker, and larger before my eyes.” “Oh, shit! It’s getting huge!” I said, laughing.

He saw me looking at his crotch, so he took hold of his big long cock, began to jerk off, smiling, and teasingly showing me his huge erection.

My cousin Johnny is twenty one, really cocky but he’s cute, and he speaks with a sexy slang.

I’m sixteen, and despite our differences, we get along. His playfulness shows that he finds me attractive. And his teasing behavior towards me indicates that he enjoys my company. So far, so good. But what about the rest? What does he really feel for me? Is he just being playful, or does he actually care about me?

He is staring at my ass. “Hey brother, your ass is tight. If you continue to show me, pulling down your pants, exposing your ass and your round butt to see, is fine for me.”

He smiled, and I thought he was joking, but his comments were bold in action.

He was constantly jerking off, making it hard, stroking it and teasing me, saying, “Hey, you wanna see something?”

He took me into the restroom and closed the door. He pushed me down onto the toilet seat and held my head down so I couldn’t see what was happening. Then he reached under my skirt and felt my pussy lips through my panties. He rubbed his fingers against my wet slit and then slid them inside me. He started rubbing my clit slowly, and then faster. My whole body began shaking uncontrollably. I came hard, squirting all over the place.

He told her, “Go ahead, suck it, but I won’t say anything if you don’ t either.”

He put his hand on my breast, and then he started rubbing my nipple through my bra. Then he took off my bra and fondled my breasts. And then he started playing with my nipples.

Trying to figure out why he wanted to see me so badly, I convinced myself that I liked him, and nobody had to find out what we were up to. We were alone.

But his dick was so big; it scared me how his huge penis might be too big to handle. So I decided to suck his huge penis, a task for someone who knows what they’re doing. I was ready to do it.

I kneeled down before him, admiring his massive erection. I couldn’t believe how large it was! He had such an impressive penis, so much bigger than any man I’d ever seen. I reached out and grabbed his shaft, holding it firmly between my fingers. I could feel the veins running through his thick meaty rod. I took one of his balls into my hand and squeezed gently. His testicles were enormous, too! They were almost as big as his nutsack. I looked up at him and smiled. “You’re really big,” I said. “I’ve never met anyone who was this big.”

He moaned when I started sucking him, and he really enjoyed how I was doing it. And I swallowed his cock completely, which made him feel so good.

It tasted so good, but I didn’t want him to stop feeding me.

He told me to get undressed and join him in the bathroom. I did so, and he took off his clothes too. We went into the shower together, and he started rubbing my body all over. Then he pulled down my panties and rubbed my pussy until I was dripping wet. He put his fingers inside me, and fingered me hard. Then he turned me around and bent me over the edge of the tub. He spread my butt cheeks apart and stuck his cock between them. He fucked me hard, pounding me from behind. After he came, we both showered again, and dried each other off.

His fingers slid into my asshole, and he rubbed some Vaseline onto them. Then he told me, “You have a sexy ass, it looks so good, I want to get inside you, but first we need to relax you.” And then he added, “I want to give you a nice fucking, you will learn to enjoy it.”

He took his huge penis and placed it up my anus upward, as he spread my buttocks with his hands, to let him enter my tight asshole with his big penis from behind, and slowly, he began to push it inside me, he spoke to me all the time, biting my throat, and whispering in my ears, licking me all over, and sucking my nipples, with his tongue, and spreading my ass, with his fingers, and his penis followed, he pushed open my ass, and he thrust his huge cock into my virginal tight ass.

As I lay there, moaning and crying out in pain, he whispered into my ear, “relax, relax, and enjoy it. It won’t hurt for long.”

I was relaxing, and letting it happen, and beginning to feel ease. I groaned, and my cries soon turned pleasure. He opened me up, and he penetrated into my virgin hole.

Then he started pumping my hole really hard and fast, taking complete control of my tight ass. He grabbed my butt, slapped it, and I yelled, “I loved what you were doing to me with your huge cock.” It hurt so good. I loved his huge cock.

He replied, “My penis loves that butt even more, it’s damn good; like fucking smooth, creamy butter”.

My ass felt so good when he started fucking me. He fucked me really hard for a long period of times, and told me that he was happy that I was enjoying it. His cock was huge, and it felt so good inside my tight asshole.

He took me to his bedroom where we laid down on his bed. He pushed his big cock inside my tight virgin asshole, while I was laying on top of him, straddling his face and shoulders.

He fucked me hard, bit my throat, and whispered into my ears and told me to tell him I liked it, that he was my master, that I was his slave, that I wouldn’t find another cock bigger than his, but from him, made me beg for it, made me pleasure him, and my asshole felt brutal force, and we both groaned to the sounds of our banging.

It felt so good having his hard penis inside me, his testicles hitting my butt, and it hurt, yet I was enjoying it.

When he picked me up from behind, he shocked me by lifting me into a standing position so that we could fuck. It felt amazing!

As we lay there together, I sucked on his cock, licking up and down its length, tasting him, feeling his hardness against my tongue, then I took him into my mouth, swallowing him whole, taking him deep into my throat, until he filled my mouth completely.

He continued to bang me hard and told me not to let go of his neck as he started to pump and thrust his big dick deep inside my ass, my legs wrapped around him, as he pulled out of me and then pushed back in, taking his dick deeper than ever before, he bounced me on his dick, while his mouth explored mine again.

He was good at fucking me, and then he exploded with furious force, and he ejaculated, and I also climaxed without touching myself. Well, I took it like a soldier! It was incredible.

I’ve got a great body, and I’m not afraid to show it off. I love getting fucked hard, and I’ll let you see just how much. You’re gonna love seeing me take your cock deep inside my tight little pussy. I know what you like, so I’ll give you exactly what you want. I’ll make you cum all over my face!

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