History of acquaintance with Elaine

My first naughtiest escapade was when we were looking for houses in July 2011. We went to see one property and I had quickie sexual intercourse with the husband of the property while his wife and my husband were down stairs. It turned him on so much because it was almost’sexual intercourse with a stranger’ situation. At the time, it wasn’t doing me any damage either.

Dave and I had entered the home and the spouse Gary had observed me and our eyes had kind of clicked; I’m not certain whether his spouse saw it, however I’ve had that eye contact exchange about five occasions on first meet a man and it leads to sex each time. How he achieved it I am unsure but he obtained his spouse to display Dave the garden as we went upstairs. I was extremely conscious that as I went upstairs him were observing my naked pussy, because I only had this really thin short halter necked dress on and strappy high heels on. He took me into a room and unfastened the clasp of my halternecked dress and my dress fluttered down to the ground.

As we made out, I took off his shirt and pants and then he was inside her, hard and firm. She moaned loudly as she came hard. They were both a little flushed when they returned to the living room, she was dripping juice down her legs and he could tell exactly what had happened because he’d seen her standing in his door frame earlier. He fucked her hard as they went back upstairs. She sucked him as they walked back to the car, he told her how hot she looked in just that dress and she blushed again. They’ve been meeting up regularly ever since, often in each others’ houses, sometimes in hotels, but mostly in cars.

Of course part of being a woman is dressing in a way to encourage men to pass. But without being too slutty. So wearing fairly standard clothes, yet braless and pantiless of course, holding up stockings and heels, that were sexy and high but stylish in black or nude colours with a 4½“ heel. A split dress, held together by just two of the fasteners and a single buckle, that was mini-dress but not ultra-short, a similar design but with fasteners all up the front, silky creams or whites, a light but short fastener all the way up dress, like what I might put on to go to work. In reality not much different than what I would put on to go to the workplace.

But maybe the main reason why people love reading about sex is because they can get lost in the story. They can lose themselves in the characters and forget about everything else around them. When we read stories about sex, we feel like we’re right there with the characters. We can see what they see, hear what they hear, and experience what they experience. That’s why we love reading about sex so much!

Even though we’d moved out of our old flat by the end of 2011, David would call up an estate agent and ask to see some properties occasionally throughout 2012. Every time I was on a bet from David, to perform a sexual act with the husband whilst looking around. None of the husbands were like my first experience, and sometimes the man I desired to do, we could not because the woman was too near, although one exciting occasion was I blew a guy in his kitchen while David held his spouse occupied in the next room, him together with three additional males I desired and I met after the occasion, all one offs

Of course I told him that he should go after the wife if she seemed attractive to him, and if he did so, whether at the moment or later on like me if he outdid my scores, I would be willing to give him a forfeit of my own. When he actually outdid my scores, in 2012, as before I’d mentioned, his desire for me to do something he enjoyed seeing me doing. So I found myself quite surprised when he actually outdid my total, in 2012, as previously I’d mentioned, my score was four, he had six.

One thing that surprised me when I first started doing porn was the fact that most of the husbands would admit to wanting to watch their wives fuck somebody else but then when asked if they wanted to fuck their wife themselves, they’d say no way! It made me think that maybe these men were just too scared to admit it.


In 2012, I received a telephone message from a woman who said she was the wife of a man I’d met over the weekend. She invited me to meet them for coffee and talk about the price they were asking for their home. When I arrived, I found out that he wasn’t actually there, so I sat down alone with the wife. She told me that she didn’t know why she’d called me, but that she felt uncomfortable talking to him alone. She then asked me to wear the clothes I’d worn when I’d looked round the property earlier that day. I agreed to do so, and she hung up.

When I arrived at her house, she had already prepared herself for our meeting. She was wearing a light summer dress with buttoned up the front, no undergarments, light tan stockings with four and half inch heels, but with an ankle bracelet. I was completely surprised when she came out of her bedroom fully clothed.

Elaine was the name given to the wife of the house and brown-eyed brunette, maybe three or four year younger than myself, but attractive, and about the same height and weight as me and this afternoon, she was dressed in a rather similar ensemble to mine. She was wearing a transparent summer dress in pale pink and I could clearly see that she had no bra on; even though she was a large breasted lady, her open through dress was unzipped almost to her navel and her breasts threatened to spill out any second. When close up, I couldn’t help noticing that she had both nipples pierced and now a little necklace dangled from tiny metal rings in her nipples. On top of her feet she wore a set of very sexy high heels, the stiletto heels being about five inches tall and having a tiny heel strap attached to them, from each of which dangled a tiny padlock. A complete contrast to the demure housewife on Saturday, she’d worn jeans, plain black flats and a modest blouse!

Initially she suggested we go for a walk around the park, and she pointed out certain places we had not seen before because on Saturday when we visited, there was a downpour. Even now the grounds were still wet. When we returned to the house, I asked whether I should take off my shoes as they were rather dirty with some cut lawn sticking to them. She would not agree to it.

She made us both coffees and we sat opposite each another in easy chairs talking about absolutely nothing in particular, as on the telephone I could tell she was anxious about something. I had been there about half an hours and the coffees were long gone, when I inquired her why she had invited me over. She began to describe that she had seen how I was dressed the previous Saturday and she had been considering me ever since, she indicated to my ankles. It gradually dawns on me what was occurring, my lesbian encounters with Anita was to pay off that even at this moment I did not know.

I told her to get out of bed and take off her clothes so I can check her out. She did what I asked without any hesitation. When she got down to her underwear I saw that she had no panties on. Her pussy was shaved clean and her lips were swollen and red. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked standing before me completely nude. I took one look at her perfect body and knew I wanted to fuck her right then and there.

I was about to step out of my dress for Elaine, but she stopped me and said to remain where I am. No longer did she feel nervous; instead, she was filled with shyness. Now she kneeled before me and parted my thighs so that she could push my dress up above my waist. Her fingers began at my knee caps and moved upward until they reached my pussy lips. Then she gently pushed my hips forward so that I would open myself wide for her. I expected her to start licking me, but instead she placed her hand between my thighs and kissed my inner thigh. This felt just like being with Anita and everything that happened after that could have been Anita doing those things.

Now she kissed slowly up until her face rested on my foot. Her eyes and mine locked. Then she slowly trailed her tongue along the top of my foot, stopping only to lick the bottom of my foot. Now she slowly swallowed the entire foot into her warm wet throat. I couldn’ t help but think how sexy that looked, and I was getting hard. She continued to suck and lick my foot for about two or three minute before moving to my next pair of footwear.

Only once my first foot was clean did she lean up and attach her lips to my very wet cunt. I came off against hers and tongue in moments. After feeling me climax and gush into her tongue, she now went to my left leg and did the same thing again. This time as he suckled and lapped my foot and sole, she took his other foot and placed the end right up against her stiff nipple, “Grind me” she said. At first I was kind, but she kept lifting his head off his chosen task to say “Harder!” So I did.

The second she pressed her lips against my pussy, I started dripping wetness and this girl ate me for hours, I had multiple mini orgasms. She really knows how to satisfy another person, her oral techniques were nothing short of fantastic and included the best anal sex; I’d ever received. She was far superior to Anita in this regard.

As I laid there having enjoyed her mouth, I was aware that my actions were meaningless. I was about to return the favor and I would gladly do so to her as I had received. When she left, and surprised me once again. Behind a desk, she produced a small whip with about four or five straps on it. She told me to use it on myself. If Anita hadn’t introduced me to the submissive roleplay scene, I might have panicked at this, but as things stood I knew exactly what she wanted and where her intentions lay, because what I did for her in a very intense fifteen minutes was something I’d already given her about six times in the last four month.

Elaine kneeled on the ground, placed her hands behind her neck, and raised her face upward. She presented her breasts to me initially. I began too gentle for her, but within one minute she was yelling and her white breast tissue was turning red all over, and staining a little. After that she obtained a footstool and placing her buttocks on that, and spreading her legs apart, she laid back and had me pussy lick her. I was having fun, and my only concern was to strike too hard, however after five mins she came off in a tremendous orgasm.

I kneeled down before her and kissed her pussy, which was wet and red. I ate and licked her for about ten minutes while she recovered. She tasted great, and I knew exactly what she liked. Then I took her tongue back inside my own and started licking her again, this time beginning slowly. I let her taste my pee, and she loved that too. We went through this routine twice more, until we were both satisfied.

So that was how my first experience of domination started. It didn’t end there though.

After returning from our first date, I was surprised by her request to meet again. We met again and this time I learned more about her. She liked wearing leather and PVC clothing, not so much her husband but he enjoyed seeing her wear them. Her shoe collections were huge and she had been exploring her submissiveness for some time now.

After our third meeting I asked if she was submissive to males and how rough had she ever been treated? She really just wanted to be dominated by another woman and younger attractive ones; her spouse Matt, would let her be dominated by a male / female pair only if he could be around and the dominant male didn’t penetrate her cunt. So aside from introducing her to my wife, nothing progressed. Nothing changed until I came home one evening when visiting them.