Gay story how i stumbled upon a big dick

My Hollywood adventure; found gay sexual encounters with gay teens, and on to discover hardcore sex with an old guy who has a big cock.

When I was eighteen years old, I started to go to the cinema and walk down Broadway. One day I decided to visit Hollywood, and took the bus to reach there. I strolled around the streets, and saw the tourists who were bustling about. I went into a barbershop, where I had my hairstyle trimmed. I asked him to make my face look neat, so he shaved off my beard, and gave me a military style shave. He also trimmed my sideburns, so they looked neat. My new hairstyle and facial appearance made me look very attractive, and brought out my masculine facial characteristics.

As I walked the street, I received stares from several older men. Several attempted to halt me to ask if they could buy me a cup of coffee. I was baffled by the interest.

As night falls, and as I walk through crowded cities, I am filled with excitement at the sight of lights from passing vehicles.

When I saw some passing vehicles honking their horns, I was surprised by the number of teenage girls who were riding in them. They drew my attention with whistles, catcals, and even waving.

A few girls in a car pulled up beside me, told me they liked me, wanted to talk to me, and then sped off.

I stopped and sat down at a nearby park bench to rest and collect myself after walking so far. While sitting, I looked around at everything around me, and observed the people and surroundings. As I sat, a young man walked past me, carrying an MP3 player with earphones on his head. He sat next to me, smiled, and spoke to me about where he was headed. He took off his headphone to talk to me, and asked if I was going somewhere too.

“Just walking”, I said.

He asked me if he could take me out for a drink, but I told him I wasn’t ready because I didn’t know what kind of music he liked. I was curious about which songs were playing on his Walkman.

He let me listen, putting the headphones on my ears. I could hear strange sounds, and marvel at stereo sound, a vibrational disco music, a new strange song to my ears, upbeat and energetic, and wild, that eluded the senses into sexual desires, free, a homosexual oriented feeling, and mystery.

As for disco, I hadn’t been exposed to it before but I’d already correctly perceived its homosexual undertones.

He introduced himself as Abe. He was Latino, five foot nine inches tall with short black hair. His clothing was fashionable; he dressed to match a club boy’s appearance, ready to party the night away at clubs where young gay men congregate and mingle.

He was very curious, and he asked me if I’d ever been with a man before.

He surprised me by reaching out and pulling down my zipper, then quickly grabbed my penis and started sucking it.

He said, ‘Nice’, as he stroked it and played with it, concealing his lewd actions behind the bench.

He was so bold! And he moaned when he saw my cock’d swollen up with size! It made me feel pleasureful!

He was most excited when he grabbed it by its base and yanked it towards him. I felt uncomfortable and pulled away.

Feeling puzzled by his intrusion, I didn’t zip up my pants sooner.

We went back to his place and sat around drinking beer until we were drunk enough to start walking home. He told me about a club where we could get some money before heading out. He had a fake ID so we decided to give it a shot. When we got there, we saw a bouncer who was checking IDs. He asked us if we had any. I showed him my fake one and he let us in. After getting our drinks, we headed upstairs to the dance floor. A

He stuck out his hand at an approaching car, but no one stopped. Cars honked as they passed by and drove off.

We then walked down the block to an address on a side road off Santa Monica Boulevard, which was where he knew his friend lived. His friend could probably get him a fake ID so that he could go into the club.

A young, slim, tall, gay looking boy opened the door.

Tommy was busy in his room with his boyfriend. I doubted he wanted to come out now.

It was strange to see him swishing his way through the room, but I wasn’t used to seeing openly gay people, so I didn’t feel comfortable near them.

As we waited for our parents to come back from shopping, other kids in the apartment just stared at us, and gave us dirty looks. We stood up straight, and then looked around the room.

The apartment was sparkling, with mirrored walls, glass lamps, adorned with various colors, scattered pillows, with red curtains.

Abraham told me that he had been living here for years, but that his apartment had never looked so bad.

Before, I had imagined him describing it as a hippie place; but now, looking at it, I think it looks girly.

We left the house. Abraham didn’t come out. He never showed up.

Abraham asked if I would join him, but only offered a few dollars for both of us. I told him I didn’t need his money.

We were trying to get into a nightclub called “Circus Disco” when we got turned down because I was underage. So we went off course, found another place.

As we walked down the street, men called out, “Do you want to go for a drink?”

A black old guy yelled at Abraham, “You’d better keep an eye on him, or someone else might take him away.”

As we drove down Santa Monica Boulevard, I was surprised by seeing so many young men hitchhiking along the boulevard and looking for rides from men drivers. Abraham explained that these guys were trying to get some extra cash, which got me wondering about what he meant.

They’re not selling drugs.

He explained that the men were out to give oral pleasure in cars, turning out to be as many as possible to make from 50 dollars to 100 dollars, depending on what sexual activity they perform. Usually, they gave oral pleasure for 50 dollars. I was baffled and astonished how handsome and straight they seemed. I would never have thought they were gay, or into having oral pleasure for money.

Many of the boys who were walking down the street recognized Abraham and asked him if he was going out for drinks.

A very handsome man with shoulder length blonde haired, and white pants, asked if I wanted to go out for coffee. When he laughed at his own joke, I smiled back.

Apparently, Abraham hustled too.

Then I asked myself why he had chosen to keep me there instead of going out with them to earn some money.

Then, Abraham turns towards me and asks if I am willing to make some money by turning men on.

He immediately walks down the street and holds up his hand to flag down cars so they stop for him. He then sells his wares.

I was bewildered, and told her I wouldn’t get into that, and refused her suggestion. We then continued to walk again. She said she knew of a location, I just needed to prove I was eighteen. Of Course, I was eighteen and did I.D.

We went to a club called Holiday Spa, which was a gay bath house.

We went into the hotel lobby and saw a guy at the front desk. He told us we needed an ID and $12.00 to get a key to our rooms. Behind him there were two screens playing porn videos.

After paying for a room and Abraham, I was given a locker and a lock.

Before me, I had never seen anything quite like that. It was a culture shock. And I knew I’d be seeing some pretty wild stuff.

Of course, I had been already admitted and directed inside, and other people were waiting to enter too and pass through the security doors, and further, into a gay-oriented and sexually explicit; an adult pornographic atmosphere not meant for innocent eyes or experiences; or for those who are so sensitive to it, compelled along inside into its sights, but I was buzzer in.

As soon as I entered the room, I could see a huge, dark, metal staircase leading up to the next floor. On each side of the stairs was a row of rooms with numbered doors, which led to balconies overlooking the main exhibition hall. The walls were painted black, covered with large, framed pictures of naked men, some displaying their genitals, others showing them engaged in various sex acts.

Between the stairs, a cage was hitches; it was a DJ booth, where a man plays music, selects various soundscapes; the music dark, sets the sexual mood, a trance like, energetic music, flows, humming to ears and sense, bizarre.

A lot of people were standing around watching the entrance, some looking at the main area, others noticing new arrivals.

Everywhere I looked, I saw people in towels coming from everywhere. They were clothed and unclothed. Some were smiling, others were staring at me. Many held looks of desire on my young, beautiful face. Their eyes seemed to be burning with lust. They appeared horny and tough.

We looked for my bedroom. Abraham found my room once inside, I sat on the hard frame for bed, and a thin mattresses was covering the floor. I took off my clothing, and wrapped the cloth around me.

Abraham showed me to his shower, where we both got naked. He took me into the steam room, and then the sauna. In the stream room, he let me watch him get naked. Then we went back to the jacuzzi, where we both got nude.

We walked back to my room, and along the road, Abraham asked some men whether they had any poppers (drug). I thought that Abraham was asking for drug. Then a “nelly” looking guy appeared and told him, “You looking this?” and gave Abraham a dark little flask containing a liquid.

He took off my clothes, and sucked my dick.

Abraham had a skinny, crooked-shaped penis. It wasn’t impressive.

Abraham tried to rape me, but I didn’t want to let him. His curved penis was hurting me, so I wouldn’t let him continue.

We decided to go there again and we went to the jacuzzi.

A young handsome man was in the Jacuzzis, and he stared at me, and smiled at me. Abraham saw that I was attracted to him, too.

Later, the while girl came to my bedroom, and we made love, and we had intercourse. I fucked her, and she really liked it. We had passionate lovemaking. We had sexual intercourse.

After he had gone, I went to look at the movies in the viewing rooms, and bought myself some coffee, which was free to drink, in the adjacent lounge.

It seemed like it was already too late, so I decided to leave him and hurry to catch the bus back to my house. I walked away from him, and quickly put on some clothes.

Abraham asked me if we could meet up again soon.

He gave me a fake phone number.

After meeting Abraham, I’d go back there again to enjoy the gay culture, because he had revealed it to me and made me curious about it.

As I explored the city, I saw some explicit sexual acts taking place. I didn’t want to see them, so I looked away from them. I wasn’t attracted to them.

Many men were there who looked intimidating, big, and scary. They had large muscles, long dangling penises, and were wearing towels that covered up their genitals. These guys made me feel afraid and intimidated. Their penises seemed like dangerous objects. It was hard for me to imagine what they would be capable of doing if they got angry.

When they didn’t hurry up and pull down their towels, a huge black penis appeared before me.

When I was younger, I used to take off towels when I saw men who were bigger than me. It made me feel good because I thought they had huge penises. But now I know better.

Sometimes they allowed me to remove my towel for them, carefully, so I would be able to see what they hid, with curiosity to astonish, and not scare me so quickly, but so that I would enjoy them slowly, the imagination runs wild about how I was able to accomplish such a huge challenge, tears fill my eye from doing it, from accomplishing it first, and the desire for it followed, after having gotten used to it, practiced, acquired skills, and made improvements.

It happened to meet a black man, so attributed.

I was in the living room at the spam and in the corner of his eye I saw a masculine muscular tall black guy. He was about six feet four inches tall, had the body of a professional football or basketball players, with broad shoulder, chiselled handsome face, muscular arms and a hard, defined sexiest chest; he was undeniably hot looking, masculine, intimidating, strong. He was definitely attractive, sexy, powerful, and masculine. I was attracted to him, but I didn’t know what to do.

I noticed him getting up, and motioned for me to come along. He went into the bathroom, into a stall, where he closed the door, and removed his towel. I was stunned at the size of his cock. It was enormous, long, and hard, about twelve inches long, big!

He took his huge cock in his hands, placed it in my directions on my faces. I held it, turned at it, marvelled at its sheer huge size not knowing that a man can posses such a big cock, was awe, an amazing tool, a gift. Its looked powerful, juicy nice,invitng,beautiful.I had saw other big cocks,but many looked frightfully ugly,but not his.

He spoke with such an attractive, masculine tone; it made me shiver. He asked, “Would you like to try it?”

When he asked if I wanted to go out for dinner, I realized that I needed to reply differently and amazingly, and that I would need to be able to satisfy him, and make sure he was enthralled by my desires, and learn skills to please him, and have him feel my passion, and know how to give me pleasure. So I licked my lips and sucked his cock slowly and gently, slurping it, enjoying it, and feeling its greatness, so large, how good it feels in my throat.

As I lay there, I could feel his hardness pressing against my lips, and I knew that if I opened them, he would be inside my mouth. So I did. And then I sucked him off. It was amazing!

He accepted my invitation.

In my bedroom, he lay on the mattress, his knees bent, his feet flat on the floor, his arms outstretched above his head. His penis was erect, pointing towards the ceiling. I approached him slowly, kneeling before him, my hands reaching out to touch him. My fingers brushed against his skin, then slid across his shaft, feeling the smoothness of his flesh. I ran my hand along his length, tracing the outline of his cock, feeling the hardness of his erection. I leaned forward, placing my lips around the tip of his penis, tasting the salty sweetness of his pre-cum. I took him into my mouth, sucking gently, savoring the taste of his manhood. I moved my tongue around the underside of his shaft, licking the slit where his cum oozed out. I licked the tip of his cock, swirling my tongue around the opening, teasing him until he exploded inside my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his semen, relishing the flavor of his seed.

He told me that I was doing a good job just by asking for help.

“Oh, yes! I am a very good, hot guy. And you know what? I can give you exactly what you want. I can make your dreams come true. Just tell me what you want. Tell me how much you want it. Let me show you just how good I am.”

“I want it because I want to own it.”

“Yes, boy, it’s yours; keep up the good work.”

He fucked my mouth so deeply and so hard that I gagged from the pain, but I loved every second of it because he made me feel powerful and sexy at the same time.

He had been so kind to me, and I felt so grateful for his kindness. So I decided to repay him by giving him the best sex of his life. And I did just that.

He took out a small brown bottle from his pocket, put it near my nose, and told me to inhale deeply. As soon as I did so, I experienced a hot sensation throughout my entire being, my heart started beating faster, and my senses were heightened, I was more open to everything, and my wildest fantasies came true. My cock grew harder than ever before, and I could feel it pulsating inside my pants. He continued fucking my throat with his long thick shaft, and I couldn’t help but moan loudly as he pushed deeper into my throat.

He stood up and put his penis into my mouth, making sure to hit my head against the panel walls.

I then got on one side, to ease up and to just stare it; he lay down again, and I took him from behind, as I lay on my side, and saw myself in the mirror, the image of what I was doing; his big dick seen going into and out my throat, excited me to lewd levels, I had quickly become a slave to, a whore for his big dick. He told me I was his slutty girl, made me plead his dick, for it was hot;

He then took me on my back, raised my legs high above his shoulders, held my legs apart as he pushed his cock into my asshole, now lubricated, and ready, prepared the path with his groped, and spread my ass with his large manly hands, he carefully found his place within me, opening it, holding it with his playful, exploring hand. He made it the whole length of my body; his big cock deep inside me, now. He could not help but playfully fiddle with my ass, playing with my hole, probing it, stretching it, and finding his own pleasure. He fucked me hard and fast with that monstrous thing; his male tool and instrument, and surely he did do me good.

My butt, round, firm, but masculine and resistant, met his forceful movements in a swaying motion. My smooth butt, creamy, shiny as if polished, was lubricated well, that it made its bun and muscle shimmers, as they tightened with slight clenchings and then with relaxed releases while meeting his brutal man power,

His cock was so large that he could barely fit it into my ass without hurting me. He held himself there for a long time, not letting go until he felt he had pushed enough of it into me. Then he started thrusting slowly, gently at first, and then faster and harder. It hurt a lot at first, but after a few minutes I got used to it. When he finally stopped, I felt sore, but I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted him to keep going.

But I didn’t like hearing those comments because they made me feel bad.

Instead, I would entice his pleasure and extract his enthusiasm with my ass play, which made him into joyful ecstasy, and I am limbering, wanting more, as he pounded me and that my puckered hole continually met, and pleased this fierce black man in wild frenzy, and he shook with feverish delight, sweating profusely, and dripping perspiration from his handsome chiselled face, as he cried aloud and shouted, “Man, your ass is nice! You sure have a great, ass bootie! And I love fucking it good. I really do need to cum a whole bunch inside you, and that implies I’ll need to return a whole bunch, for more of your wonderful fucking ass. Man, you’re good! Your ass is so good!”

He held me tight against his body, and then began to thrust into me from behind. He was so strong! And he kept going faster and harder until we both came together. It felt amazing!

His groans were so loud, they sounded like he was moaning with manly grunting sounds; his movements in that position made me feel like he was working me over fiercely, and assuredly opening up my asshole, solely for his frenzied, sexual pleasure.

He held me captive so that I could be completely controlled by him. He had complete mastery over me. His sexual prowess was unmatched. My tight Latin ass complied to his every demand. It gave into his every command.

Seeking pleasure led me to meet pain that taught me lessons and ultimately brought me to an ecstatic climax.

We held onto each other tightly, we were together, we were one, we moaned and groaned together to the sensation so derived from his awesome manliness, and big cock performance, which stirred inside me, and made me go crazy in frenzy for more. His stamina was grueling and amazing, he was receptive.

He shot his load and then rested, panting heavily.

I wanted more. She told me she had to go. I wished to see her again, but she smiled, saying, “You will receive enough cocks from others.”

He was ready to take a shower.

He told me he had to leave, then touched my side, as if to tell me that’s it. Men would do the same after sex, and I thought it was funny how they did that. Touching my side meant, “Thank you for that hot body.”

He said, ‘I’ll be there at 6pm. Maybe we can meet up again if I spot you.’

He told me that he really enjoyed how I handled his big cock; few men could handle it, let alone his wife.

He was married, but his wife didn’t know that he liked fucking young guys.