The story of how I fucked my wife on camera

Last night, my wife and I did something together. So, here’s the full account of what happened.

My wife is 18 year older than me. I’m 42, she’s 24. We got married at age 19 and we’re both 38. So far, so good. The only problem I’ve ever had with our relationship is that we haven’t had any wild adventures together. I’ve had lots of fun before, but nothing too crazy. With my wife, everything is pretty much routine. She doesn’t get turned on by anything kinky, and the things that used to excite me just aren’t an option anymore. I guess I’ll just have to keep trying new things until something clicks.

For example, one thing that really gets me hot is exhibitionist behavior, especially with my girlfriend. I absolutely adore being watched. Some of the best sexual experiences of my entire adult lifetime involved slowly undressing my girlfriend in front of other people, having them watch her naked, commenting on her body, and then watching us do naughty stuff together. I’ve even allowed other men to fuck my ex-girlfriends on several occasions. However, my young bride is completely horrified at the idea of any of that, so our sexual relationship is kind of dull.

Don’t worry about your husband being too picky. You know what they say: “A man who doesn’t appreciate his woman is no good to anyone.” So if he likes big boobs, why not give him something else? Like maybe a nice pair of tits? Or perhaps a tight pussy? Maybe he could enjoy watching you masturbate?

We’ve been discussing this for some time now, and she finally agreed that I could talk dirty to her. So, I lay down next to her on the bed, and told her a story where she was having a massage from a male masseur, and things went too far and he fucked her. It was completely made up, but she got really turned on and very horny, and even masturbated while I was telling the story. She’s making progress!

Over the last few months, things have progressed a lot further, and she now likes being blindfolded while we screw. One day, during an ongoing dirty talk session, I introduced the idea of having sex with a complete stranger online. She was very excited about this, and started coming multiple times during the description, so afterwards I told her that I thought she should try it out. She hesitantly agreed, and maybe it could be fun.

However, I realized that if I didn’ tdo something about it, it would simply remain a fantasy, so I logged onto an adult site and posted an advertisement (on Wednesday) to find out if anybody would be interested in watching me fuck. I received approximately eighteen replies, and selected through them to find out if any of them were appropriate. What I was looking to find was discretion, and somebody who did not feel the desire to interact with us on cam. I wasn’ t planning to inform my spouse about this until after it had occurred.

A man named John Smith responded. He appeared to be intelligent and fairly decent, so I decided to send him a message. He wanted to talk about something else entirely, though, and wasn’t interested in interacting with me. I told him we could do a video chat later, and he accepted. When the day finally arrived, we talked for a little while before he left.

After thinking about it for a few days, I finally told my wife that I had arranged to meet someone online. We didn’t discuss any details, but I felt confident enough to go through with it. At 9:30pm last evening, I called him up and he agreed to come over.

As the day progressed, I became increasingly nervous. I wanted my girlfriend to be turned on and knew that we would eventually have intercourse.

At around nine fifteen p.m., she took a shower. I walked upstairs, removed the blanket from the bed, did a quick test video chat to find out where the best place for my laptop would be, moved the angle, and then returned downstairs. Ten or so moments later, my wife entered the room wearing some sexy underwear that I had purchased for her. My cock was already hard and ready to go.

After taking a quick shower, I went into the bedroom, set up the webcam, and began chatting with Tony. Then I minimized the Skype window and played a YouTube playlist of fireplaces. I also turned off the sound on my laptop so that my spouse couldn’t hear anything.

Heart pounding, I walked downstairs, grabbed her by the hand, dragged her upstairs into the room, and pushed her against the wall. I deliberately turned off the lights. Slowly, I moved her body so she was facing the camera. My hands slid down her back, across her buttocks, and between her legs. She gasped softly.

With my arms wrapped tightly around her waist, I pressed myself closer to her, kissing her deeply, tasting her sweet mouth, letting my hands wander freely over her body, caressing her soft skin, running my fingers through her long blonde hair, still enjoying the feel of her tongue.

Breaking away, I took her into my arms and kissed her neck. Positioning myself behind, I leaned in and pressed my lips against hers. She shuddured in response, and reaching round with one hand, pulled me closer, pressing herself back against me. We continued to kiss, our tongues dancing together, until I gently slipped her bra strap down her shoulder, exposing her lovely breast. Moving my hands under her shirt, I began to caress her skin, running my fingers through her hair, feeling her soft curves beneath my touch. Sliding her pants down, I exposed her legs, and moved them apart, allowing me access to her wet pussy. Kisses trailed along her thighs, and I could feel her excitement growing. Reaching between us, I found her already hard nipple, and squeezed it lightly. Her eyes closed, she moaned softly, and arched her back, pushing herself back against me.

She had just been stripped naked by a complete unknown.

My erection was painful in my pants, and I pushed my groin against my husband’s ass. He had sensitive tits, and I sucked on them, tweaking them until they were hard. Then he turned around, and I licked his pussy, licking him deep inside. Her pussy tasted good, and she came quickly, moaning loudly.

Then I moved my hand down to her crotch and started rubbing her clitoris, which made her moan louder. She was squirming and gyrating her hips wildly, and I could feel her juices flowing out of her cunt.

She turned away from the lens, wrapped her legs around me, and kissed me hard. Her left foot came up to press against my thigh, and I could feel her grinding her pussy into my thigh.

As soon as she saw us, she ran up to us and pulled our clothes off. Then, she pushed us onto the bed and began to rub herself against us. We were both completely naked by now. She reached for my dick and began to stroke it slowly.

This went on for awhile, then I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head backwards so she was facing the wall. Then I climbed on top of her and pinned her arms above her head with one arm. With my left hand I reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her panties. I slid my index and middle fingertips inside her wet slit and felt her warm juices flow into them. I moved my thumb around her clitoris and found it hard and swollen. I pinched it lightly and watched her face contort in pleasure. I continued rubbing her until she came, moaning loudly.

She came very quickly. Almost violently. Shivering uncontrollably on the couch. I then reposition her, raised myself above, and penetrated her. Tony saw my ass, with my cock penetrating his daughter’s cunt. I kept thrusting, for several minutes, fucking her, until she had several orgasims. Then I repositioned her on her knees, so he could see me fuck her.

My dick then penetrated his from behind, fucks him slowly at first, then faster and faster. I grabbed both his arms and pulled him back, making him back arched slightly, and continue to fuck him fiercely. The noise of his wet heat as my dick goes in and out was intoxicative, and he feel her cunt clamps around my hard cock. He screams and shakes uncontrollably, visibly sweating.

Once her orgasm subsides, I lay on my back and pull her on to me. She’s got good at fucking me lately. I position us so that she faces the camera directly. She guides my cock into her, gasps as it goes in, then begins rotating on me, faster and faster. Her tits bounce as she moves, the camera pointed right at them.

I felt her come again, and she let loose a string of profanities as she did so, and I felt her spurt on top of me. Her pulling off of me, however, was followed by another round of fucking, this time without stopping. She rode me hard, still facing the lens, until I could no longer take anymore. Grabbing her butt, I pushed myself deep inside her, feeling her warm cunt grip around my cock. My balls were slapping against her thighs, and I began shooting my load into her, filling her with my seed. She kept riding me, still facing the lens as I shot my load, until I had emptied myself completely.

She was breathing heavily, so I knew she was having an anxiety attack.

After a few minutes of massaging her, she rolled off me onto her belly. I got up and shut the computer as she laid on her tummy. Going back to the bedroom, I began to slowly rub her bottom. She was very responsive to my touch, but eventually my hand was down between her legs, and I was gently rubbing her pussy through her panties. She was moaning softly, and another climax soon followed.

After we finished talking about other things, she blurted out, “Do you think someone else might enjoy watching us have sexual intercourse?”

After hesitating for a moment, I came clean.

“Since you asked if I would be willing to help you, I actually did some research and came up with someone who might be interested.”

She got up on her own power. “Really? Who?”

“I don’t want to talk about him,” he replied. “We agreed to complete anonymity. He’s 34 years old, that’s everything I need to

She smiled at me accusingly.

Once again, I was hesitant to tell her everything, but I finally did so.

Her eyes were locked onto mine as she stared at me.

“What?” she said.

It wasn’t clear whether she was angry or not at first.

“It happened last night, darling,” I said, “someone has been watching us for some time now

He just looked at me without saying anything else.

She eventually said, “I don’t know what to say.“

“I should have told you before,” I said.

She hesitated for a few moments before asking, “Did you like it?”

“We can see for ourselves,” I said, “I’ve messaged him and asked him to let us know what he thinks. We can look at his emails.”

She was interested in the whole idea, so I took the laptop to the bedroom and showed her the messages. Here they were:

“I am glad we could resolve our differences. You were right about one thing though – I do enjoy having sex with you. And yes, I would love to see you again sometime soon. In fact, why don’t we meet next week? We can go out somewhere nice and then come back home so you can watch us fuck each other.”

She was shocked. “Someone saw us fucking! Someone saw me naked and he liked it!’

“Yeah, I guess so.”

She stared at me for a moment before reaching out and starting to stroke my soft cock.

She replied, “I am horny as heck! Now tell me a story and please fuck me.”

Last night was a huge success! My horny, happy, and satisfied bride helped me create this story, so please leave any constructive criticism you may have for her.