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After we had sex for the first time, she told me about one of her fantasies. She was very good at describing it.

“We’re both naked, standing up, facing each other. We’re both watching each other get blowjobs from strangers.”

A man who has never been introduced to us is touching our breasts and licking them. Her friend is looking on as she gets ready to lick our pussy.

“Perhaps a woman who has never been here before is standing behind me teasing me with her fingers. His partner is watching him prepare to lick me.”

“And the exact same thing happens to you. A man we’ve never seen before is touching your nipples with his fingers. Your girlfriend is watching as she prepares for you to receive oral sex from her.”

“Perhaps, a woman who has never met us before is standing behind you, teasing your nipple with her fingers. She is watching as she prepares to give you a hand-up.”

“Perhaps we could go out together and split up into groups of two. Would you rather be with one man and one woman, or two women and one man?”

“I’m going to watch two men pleasuring you, but my main focus is going to be on you. I want to see you get off.”

“I think we should start thinking about who might want to buy our product.”

“Alexis’ girlfriend and her boyfriend Alex have us in their minds. They’ve got another couple booked for next Saturday at 2:30.”

We arrived early so we could get there before they did. It was a nice place in an expensive neighborhood.

“Hi Sarah,” Alexis says as she gives Sarah a kiss. “I’ve heard lots of good stuff about you.”

She leads us into a dark room where there are no windows and only one stool between us.

“Alexis says, “These are my friends Briony and her brother Brian.” He looks at them and adds, “They’re both 15 years younger than us.”

Both the woman in the red dress and the woman in the blue dress are wearing high heels, dressed in identical black cocktail dresses.

Both of their legs and asses are wonderful.

As she watches them, Sarah becomes increasingly aroused by the sight of their bulging jocks, which are clearly visible through their tight fitting shorts. She gets so turned on that she starts rubbing her own crotch through her jeans.

“Would you like to take a shower first?” Alexis asks before she leads us into a large bathroom. “You’re still an exciting woman Sarah,” she says as she watches me undress. “I can see why you’re so attracted to him.” She grins as I enjoy watching her watch my now flaccid penis. “Goodbye Sarah,” she waves as she leaves.

As we enter the bathroom, Sarah holds onto my hand tightly and looks at herself in the full length mirrors. She smiles broadly as she sees the male members of staff looking at her body. She knows they’re there for her and she loves it!

Wonderful sexual tensions as we lick each others’ lips with two excited couple watching. We are both extremely aroused as we kiss with only the tip of our tongs. We love an audience! Always the exhibitionists Sarah pulls her towel off and it drops to the floor to show us her naked body.

“Wow! That butt is really nice,” they say at the same time.

She then pulls my towel off the rack and it drops to the ground.

“Wow! That dick looks so big!” Both of them say at once as they stare at my nearly fully erect penis.

Then the two guys, “He’s so big,” as I enjoy stroking my cock for them and their girlfriends.

“Shoot them!” Alexis grins as Sarah and I settle down on the stools, spreading our legs, the center of attraction for two couples who are looking at us naked.

“Alexis asked, ‘What are your preferences?’”

“Two men, one standing next to me, playing with my breasts while another man tongues me.”

“Do you want Brian or my man to lick your pussy?”

“I want Brian to fuck me hard and fast while another guy watches us.”

“Tell me what you’d really love for me to do,” Brian says as he licked the inside of her thigh.

“Sarah, you haven’t yet explained what you want. So let me ask you: What do you want?” He asks again as his tongue teasingly touches her clitoris.

“I want to be licked by you, fucked by you, and made to cum multiple times.”

“I want to give you a blowjob. Who would you like to receive it from?”

“I want to see you suck my cock, Alexis. You know you want to. And I want to watch you get off when I fuck you.”

“I know! It feels so good when you touch me there. You have the biggest erection I’ve ever had.”

“I love it,” Sarah moans as Brian licks her pussy lips, one knee on his shoulder, and one foot on his lower spine, while fifteen-year old Alex teases her erect nipples with his fingers.

It was an amazing feeling when she started sucking my dick. She licked every inch of my shaft from top to bottom. Her tongue felt so good against my skin. I could tell she really enjoyed doing it. I couldn’t believe how wet she got. I had never seen anything quite like it before.

“That is really good, Sarah says after Alex takes some ice from the bowl nearby and plays with her breasts with it.

Brian follows up by putting some ice into his own hand, then slides one of them along Sarah’s pussy lip before continuing to lick her pussy.

“Would you like that?” Alexis asks as she looks at her friend.

“Would you,” Briony says. She doesn’t wait for an immediate response before continuing. She starts teasing my nipples with ice.

“My boyfriend showed me this,” Alexis smiles as she puts some ice into her mouth, then continues sucking me.

“Have you tried that before?”

“No, absolutely fucking magic,” he replies, giving her the response she wants. Even though I remember other women who did it to him when they were watching two men pleasurin’ their ladies.

“Sarah, I know you’re multi-orgasmic. You told me so yourself. But I don’t think you realize just how much you enjoy watching men masturbate for you.”

“I am happy to oblige, very glad,” he says rubbing his very hard cock and beginning to masturbate.

On Monday, a Sunday, we went for a long sensual bath together. We didn’t talk about our sex life during the bath. She was interested in watching lesbian videos, but enjoyed them when there were two women and one man too.

On the Wednesday, she says, “I don’t want to get pregnant.” You ask her why not. She replies, “Because I’ve been fucking you for two weeks now. If we’re going to be having kids, then I’d rather wait until after we’re married.”

“I know she wants to tongue fuck you.” He replies after hearing two phone calls between us.

“I can’t believe she asked you to watch her give birth!” Sarah says teasingly. “She wants to share it with you.”

After we made love, I told her honestly, “I’ve never seen you with that expression on your face.”

“I was so turned on by watching Alexis give you a blow­jag as he tongued fuck me. It was even more exciting for me because I was looking forward to his tonguing fuck me on Saturday.”

After having had some fun on Wednesday and Thursday, Sarah and I talked about what we could do to ensure that Alexis’ stay was memorable.

We don’t need to have sex on Friday. We just need to enjoy Alexis’ visit to the maximum.

I let Alexis into the apartment dressed only in his shorts and T-shirt. He had lost the belt of his dressing gown somewhere along the way. He was kissing me passionately and looking down at my partially nude figure.

She is dressed up for an evening out but she isn’t showing any skin.

“Sarah is waiting for you inside our sex lounge,” I tell her.

“Wow, I love your mirror reflections! They make me feel like I’m walking through a funhouse. And what a big, soft mattress! I can see why you’re so comfortable. But where am I? What happened to my clothes? Where did those shoes go? Oh, no! My hair!” Alexis exclaims, staring down at herself in shock. She had expected to find a large, luxurious bedroom, not an empty room with a single chair and a small table. A quick glance around reveals that she was right about the size of the room, but everything else is wrong. She is naked except for her high heels, and her beautiful body is covered only by a thin layer of silk. Her hair is mussed, and her face is flushed red.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” he says, his voice husky with desire. As I remove her dress, he stands behind her and slides her gown down her arms. He then takes her hands and pulls them above her head so she is standing completely nude.

As Sarah had requested, I stood behind Alexis and slowly slid the zip down until she was standing completely naked before me. I had an eight-and-a-half inch erection at that point.

As I run my hand over her ass, I feel compelled to kiss her neck. Something she hadn’t requested.

As we had agreed, I knelt down and licked and kissed Sarah’s magnificent buttcheek, which was always a buzz for me satisfying my butt fetish. Meanwhile, Alexis was licking her.

As Sarah lies on the bed with her butt on the thick pillow, she spreads her thighs apart.

“Tell me what you’re going to do to me?” she asks as she teases her breasts while Alexis licks the inside of her thighs, with their arms locked together. She really does enjoy sexy conversations while being pleasued. So do I, an enormous extra bonus for me.

“I am gonna f*ck you with my tongue Sarah! I wanna bring you to orgasm at least 6x!” Alexis responds as I lick and kiss her nipples.

As Alexis begins lapping at her pussy lips, Sarah requests that they be kissed with their tip of the tongue.

As Sarah requests, Alexis then takes her to orgasm for the very first times by licking her clitoris with her tongue.

“Your happiness is my happiness,” I say every time she orgasms for Alexia as I slide my penis into her mouth.

Three, four, five times Alexis slid a finger into her while licked her.

“I’ve been counting,” I say to Sarah as I watch Alexis insert another digit into her hand.

It seems like she’s trying to find Sarah’ s clitoris.

I can’ t hold out much longer.This is my first oral sexfor a week.Sarah’ s also. “ Swallow,please?”I am almost beggingas Sarah givesa thumbs up.Her wholebody istremblengoingalmostanimalnoisesofsex.Sheis makeingalmostanimalnoisesoffuckingandIhitthebackofherthroathim.

“I was just telling them that I’d like to see them again,” says Alexis, smiling at her friends.

“Why not? As long as they contain my man,” she smirks cryptically. “Is that okay with you, baby? When do you want it to happen? Next time two men please me. Perhaps one each time after that?”